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You are a unique and unreproducible miracle of God!

These studies are designed to help apply God's Word to our everyday life.  John 17:17

Canoeing the Mountains

 Canoeing the Mountains - 2020

So, you are an expert at canoeing - your calling is to find a passage from where you are to where you need to be - only you've run out of water.  The only thing in front of you are mountains - lots and lots of mountains.  Now what do you do?  We are in uncharted territory as a church.  And our future as individuals and as a community will be determined by what our next steps are.  Fortunately the church has been "here" many times before - so as we leave our canoes behind we can expect some help from Daniel and Abraham and Moses and Peter and Paul as we step into the unknown and discover an amazing future that God already knew and prepared us for!

May - July 2020 by Pastor Mitch


Psalms of life and love and eternity - 2020

The Psalms reflect our life.  From the highest highs to the deepest depths - and sometimes in the space of just a few verses.  J.I. Packer said,  “Wait on the Lord" is a constant refrain in the Psalms, and it is a necessary word, for God often keeps us waiting. He is not in such a hurry as we are, and it is not his way to give more light on the future than we need for action in the present, or to guide us more than one step at a time. When in doubt, do nothing, but continue to wait on God. When action is needed, light will come.”  This study is looking for that light!

July - September, 2020 by Pastor Mitch


For over 50 years, Our Savior has been blessed to work in the Aiea community - sharing and experiencing the love of Jesus.  Our community is very fluid - which comes with quite a few challenges - but it also means we get to meet some of the most amazing people from all over the world and together learn how God uses His people to make a difference.