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It's a strange world - these might help...

Intentional Reflections with Molly Poppe

Join me in Reflection. Each month I will share stories of where I see God movingand provide reflection questions for pondering. We are all inundated with words, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

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Written to speak with Tanner Olson

I am a poet, author, podcaster, and speaker living in Nashville, Tennessee. Through written and spoken word I seek to spread hope and announce love. You can also follow my work on Instagram and Facebook.

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Myrt's Wisdom

Lutheran teacher, student of life, creative artist.

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Campfires and Marshmallows with Beth Lange and guests

"Light a campfire and everyone is a storyteller." John Geddes

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Curt Thompson
3 Minute Reflections with Dr. Curt Thompson

The purpose of these reflections is to assist you in telling your story more truly—the story of goodness and beauty that God is narrating and longs for each of us to hear and occupy. The exercises presented here are to help you focus your attention.

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B Keith Haney
The Light Breaks through with B. Keith Haney

I promise to attempt to tackle difficult topics with humor and compelling personal stories.  These issues will challenge you.  Sometimes they will shake your worldview, but I believe you will enjoy the journey.


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