Worship with Contemporary Songs (and old hymns too!)...

Worship is the act of the abandoned heart adoring its God”  John Eldredge

Our 10:45am service strives to remain faithful to the Scriptures and our rich traditions.  You will find familiar elements in the service:  Prayer, Bible Readings, Confession and Absolution and a message.  The music is drawn from contemporary sources as well as hymnals and history.  This service is not so much about creating something new as it is to refresh the familiar in such a way that we remain hungry and thirsty for God's Word and promise.

If you would like to take a look at our Service of Word and Sacrament - here it is!

As the world changes - the essential message of the Gospel does not.  The church is presented with a challenge - to use "new wine skins" to convey Jesus and His message to a world that is hungry and seeking - but isn't totally sure what they want or need.  The following websites and links are partners in the Gospel and they are out on the edge making sure no one is outside the Gospel's reach.


Blake Flattley and Communion Arts
CommunionArts exists to equip churches with training and creative resources and to empower artists to create fulfilling works that enrich their communities.

Bill Woolsey and the Start Something New Crew
FiveTwo Network equips Christian entrepreneurs to launch a variety of sustainable start-ups that reach people for Jesus.


Worship Arts Leadership Institute  

The Worship Arts Leadership Institute exists to connect leaders of worship with one another for empowered learning, common support, and professional inspiration